Getting the Money You Deserve...Negotiating Your Next Job Offer! SKU: 168235

You have applied and gotten the job offer you want! NOW WHAT? You want to negotiate but do not know how. Grab this useful video and learn the 5 techniques to negotiate and get the money you deserve!


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Once you have applied, interviewed and finally gotten the job you want-you may be nervous or intimidated to ask for more. I get it! But, I want to show you HOW to negotiate in a reasonable and effective way. It does not have to be initimidating or daunting nor do I want you to have regret. I have put together 5 easy techniques  to understand how to negotiate with confidence and get the money you deserve. I walk you through step by step on each lesson and also give you 2 BONUS worksheets to help you with the process. In 30 minutes, you will learn all the secrets and be on your way to negotiating with confidence and success.